"A banner flapping in the wind on the infinity of the horizon, that’s Marseille!"

Albert Londres in Marseille Porte du Sud.

There are cities that can be visited and there are cities that can be explored. Marseille needs to be explored; she will reveal herself to those who will take the time to discover her, to those who will get lost in the maze of streets, those who feel her brightness and her heat! Marseille is a complex, complete and secretive city. Marseille is endearing, captivating, magnetic. To visit Marseille is like an adventure, it is like taking the South Gate, which opens to infinity.



Come visit Marseille with us, through our urban walks and hikes. Take the time of walking with us. The time to be curious, the time to discover, the time to explore.

WalkinOnMars proposes to explore the oldest city in France. Browsing the streets of Marseille also means browsing through more than 2600 years of history. Marseille is also the largest city in France in terms of surface area, which makes it the ideal playground for a walk and urban hikes!

With us, you will discover the Phocean city by feet with a choice between a walk or a hike: you decide the level of difficulty.

We can spend a few hours or a few days together: most of our tours are complementary and can be combined :you choose your tempo.

We prefer small groups to facilitate exchanges and conviviality.

We promote an eco-responsible approach: we only use public transport when necessary.

All walks start and end at the Ombrière on Le Vieux-Port.

Book your walk !

Deux visites instructives avec un guide qui est de Marseille et qui connaît vraiment bien son sujet. Je recommande les visites avec Ugo (qui en plus loue des appartements dans Marseille).

Fanny - Paris, France

Through your guidance, I changed my stereotype that Marseille is a dangerous city. Instead, it is a colorful, cultural and historical place worth visiting.

Elizabeth - San Francisco, CA, USA

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to Ugo for his enthusiasm, hospitality, and especially his long-time strolling with me !

Daniel - London, UK

Would recommend this to anyone and everyone !

James & Natalie - Dublin, Ireland

Ugo’s knowledge of, and love for his city was self evident throughout our walk. It was a wonderful day out, experiencing Marseille through the eyes of a local.

Christiane - Portsmouth, UK

This tour was one of the highlights of my trip to Marseille. I want to do another one!

Jenny - Leeds, UK
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